College Football Rankings (11-18-08)

The ranking system in college football is a flawed system. It is flawed in the aspect that we have coaches, who watch nobody else but their teams on a weekly basis voting. Then we have writers, who pretty much follow their team or conference voitng in the other poll.  At the same time, the ranking system is a traditional part of college football and should remain. With all this and as a college football junkie watching as many games as I can take in on a Saturday (sometimes Thursdays and Fridays), I would throw in my rankings and rationale for why.

I provide my rational on the why I ranked the Top 10 teams the way I did.

1. Texas Tech Red Raiders
No change here for me. A win this Saturday in Norman will remove any doubt in my mind if they should have jumped the Crimson Tide for top spot or not.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide
Any SEC team still undefeated at this point in the season should automatically receive consideration for the top spot, but this year I believe the Big 12 to be the better conference.. Plus at this point, Bama’s wins in hindsight do not look as impressive as they may have early on. However, now that they have a date with a Gator’s team that looks awwwwfully impressive, the Tide could make a case for #1 with a win there.

Now is where the rankings get fun … a bunch of very good one loss teams.

3. Texas Longhorns
As impressed as I am with the Gators, the Longorns are 1 second away from being undefeated. And I will maintain that UT a 1pt loss on the road to my #1 ranked team in the country weighs more with me than a 1 pt loss at home to an unranked team like Ole Miss.

4. Florida Gators
. The Gators impressive wins over LSU, Georgia and now South Carolina vault them over the likes of the other 1-loss teams; Oklahoma, USC and Oklahoma State.

5. Oklahoma Sooners
The only blip on the Boomer Sooner was a 10 point loss in the Red River Rivalry. It was a great game. With match-ups against the Red Raiders and then at Stillwater in the Bedlam rivalry, it is possible the Sooners move on up the rankings. They would still need a Texas loss in my mind though to have any shot at playing for the BCS National Championship.

6. USC Trojans
The men of Troy have the same situation the Gators do as they have an a dark spot on their record with that Oregon State loss. The same Oregon State team that Penn State humbled by over 4 touchdowns.

7. Utah Utes
The Utes beat the same Oregon State team that beat Southern Cal. Up and down the schedule, their wins seem equally impressive as Boise State. By scheduling the likes of Michigan (who knew they were going to tank so miserably) and Oregon State, the Utes deserve to be rewarded over a similarly undefeated Boise State.

8. Penn State Nittany Lions
Same as last week . . . I almost had the Lions over the Utes and if I were to rewrite my Top 10 tomorrow, I may switch them. But for today, JoPa and crew remain at 8.

9. Boise State Broncos
Though not overly impressed with the schedule, the Broncos are doing the same thing that Penn State is doing to their inferior opponents; dismissing as they should. I left PSU in front as I am still waiting to see if the Broncos can beat a bigger named opponent . . . this season.  The Lions went into Columbus and beat Ohio State.

10. Oklahoma State Cowboys
Here I struggle between the Cowboys, the Buckeyes, the Bulldogs or the Tigers for that last spot in the Top 10 . . . it just came down to there is no shame in losing to the #1 and #3 teams (according to my rankings).  — Georgia lost to #2 and #4, so they were right there.

11. Missouri Tigers

12. Ohio State Buckeyes

13. Georgia Bulldogs14. Michigan State Spartans

15. TCU Horned Frogs

16. BYU Cougars

17. LSU Tigers

18. Ball State Cardinals
Must make a note here. Even though the Cardinals are a perfect 10-0 . . . I am not convinced they could beat one team in front of them and there is nothing on their schedule (yet) to persuade me otherwise.

19. Cincinnati Bearcats

20. Pittsburgh Panthers

21. Oregon State Beavers

22. Oregon Ducks

23. Maryland Terrapins

24. North Carolina Tar Heels

25. Miami Hurricanes

Just missin out . . . Northwestern Wildcats